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'Your Ghost' single by Blindness & Light

Fresh music | Indie | Pop Rock.

Experience a new auditory experience with “Your Ghost” that will make you aware of the transformative power of music.

Blindness & Light's latest single and a cover, 'Your Ghost', is a hauntingly beautiful rendition that pays homage to the original by Kristin Hersh while infusing it with their unique blend of influences from The Velvet Underground to Radiohead. 

 The band's cover is a poignant full stop to their first phase, a period marked by a distinct sound shaped under the guidance of their previous producer. The single was recorded on the Isle of Anglesey and in Warrington, UK, and co-produced by Colin M Potter and Tony Denmade. It conveys an informal and emotional sound that echoes the band's ethos of creative freedom and self-reflection.

A limited edition vinyl release of their debut Album "Blindness & Light" on Bandcamp is a collector's gem, with only 30 out of 100 copies remaining — a testament to the band's growing fanbase and the tangible connection listeners crave in the digital age. As Blindness & Light transition into self-production with a German studio's expertise in mixing and mastering, fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming album, set for early 2025.

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