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With a craving for the arts and all things beautiful since birth, Thexele has spent all of her life performing as a multi-talented artist and creative person. Dreaming of becoming a pianist since toddler, at age 16 she began composing music using her first synthesizer.  

It has always been something more than just a hobby, it has been a burning passion, mental need, kind of meditation, and sometimes manifestation of higher energies. But life difficulties forced the young woman to pause music repeatedly and to postpone her eventual career as a musical artist. Fortunately, the turning point came at what seemed to be the most difficult time of Covid-19, when Thexele decided that her further creative career would be focused primarily on music, singing, and songwriting.

Her debut pop single 'You're Always On My Mind' was released in November 2020. This was the start of Thexele as a songstress and a recording artist. 

Her original self-written single 'Forget Our Love' was officially released in July 2021. Before that, Thexele had been written mental health piano and instrumental music. 

In April 2023 she released her first self-produced official album'Music from the Soul' and  'Timeless' Music Video. In addition, she is a producer, sound designer, and music curator who helps other independent artists achieve their creative goals and be heard.

Music genres: Pop, Indie Pop, New Age, Electronic, Chill Out, Neo Classical, Dance Pop, Ambient, Soundtrack




Scool & House of Arts

Certificate of complete secondary/high school education with honors.
Certificate of Completion of Additional Education; soloist in pop-folk band.



Humanities Institute

Red Diploma of a Specialist Degree with honors in the Design and Arts. 



Berklee College of Music

Online course "Songwriting". Online course "Singing Popular Music"


GeekBrainz LLC

Second Degree - Diploma of Professional Sound Design Retraining. 


Let's work on your Music, Business or Event project together!


Full Songwriting. Top Line

Music production

Original Music Production. Sound Design


Live performance. Vocalist. Voiceover

Light and Shadow
“Thexele’s unique sound combines elements of lounge music, ambient, lo-fi and electronic pop music, resulting in a dreamy sound that you not only hear, but feel deeply.”

Sarah Conway, Plastic Magazine

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