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Thexele - "Music from the Soul"
Thexele musical artist

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Blog / Upcoming Thexele's single

“Forget Our Love (Dance)” is not just a remix, but a completely new version that takes the original melody and meaning of the song to the next level. For me, this track is a transformation, a symbol of faith in love, in oneself and freedom of choice.”

Blog / Last Music Review 

'These Old Jeans' by LA NEED MACHINE. This single not only showcases the band's musical versatility but also their depth in songwriting, marking a significant step towards their contribution to understanding between everyone in the World.

About Us / Artist Thexele

With a craving for the arts and all things beautiful since birth, Thexele has spent all of her life performing as a multi-talented artist and creative person. Dreaming of becoming a pianist since toddler, at age 16 she began composing music using her first synthesizer.  

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