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'Unconditional' single by DEEP DIVE SPECIES

Fresh Music | Downtempo | Cinematic

The official release of "Unconditional" will reveal the depths of your heart through a musical exploration of the multi-faceted nature of love.

"Unconditional" was released on April 12th 2024, and is a testament to DEEP DIVE SPECIES artistic growth and their ability to craft songs that touch the heart.

The single stands out for its ability to evoke a powerful emotional response with its beautiful Chill melody that carries of joyous sadness. It's an emotional journey that captures the complexity of love through tender and touching music. The track is masterfully composed and produced by Vadim Militsin and Sergey Popovich, with Bill Sellar's expert mastering at Super Audio Mastering adding the final touches to a piece.

Accompanying the single is a charming surrealistic music video created by Segmentality. This artistic approach not only complements the song's theme but also enhances the overall experience, making "Unconditional" a complete audio-visual experience. Enjoy!


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Review by Thexele Blog


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