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'Somewhere Beyond the Blue' music video by Dave Mohan

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If you appreciate acoustic music, classical influences, and heartfelt lyrics, you will love the latest single by Dave Mohan, "Somewhere Beyond the Blue."

Dave Mohan is a versatile musician with a classical music background who has explored different genres and styles in his career. His latest release is a beautiful and touching single about love and loss, sung by Carolina de la Muella, who has a voice that can melt your heart. The song is accompanied by a simple but elegant piano part, played by Dave himself, and a soft string section that adds depth and emotion. The song is based on a Bach prelude, which you can hear in the background at the end of the song.

The music video for this song is also very beutiful. It alternates between close-ups and shots of landscapes with charming silhouette of violinist, and it is a pleasure to watch. I highly recommend this song to anyone who likes easy listening music with a touch of classical. It is a song that will make you feel calm and peaceful, but also inspired.

Happy watching and listening!

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