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'These Old Jeans' by LA NEED MACHINE

Original Music | Soft Rock | Indie

"As the person gains more and more wisdom, the more they realize how much wisdom there is to learn" - La Need Machine

"These Old Jeans," the latest single from Seattle's up-and-coming band La Need Machine, is a bright reflection on the journey of gaining wisdom and the humility that comes with it. The song, released under Worldsound/Virgin Music Group/Universal, weaves a tapestry of pop rock, Americana, and folk rock to create a soft rock and soundscape that resonates with the listener's own experiences of life.

The band's ability to capture the essence of wisdom as an ever-expanding quest for truth is both profound and relatable. The lyrics are nostalgic and simple, it encourages self-reflection and openness to others. This single showcases not only La Need Machine's musical versatility, but also their depth in songwriting, marking a significant step towards their contribution to understanding between everyone in the World.

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