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'(Br)other' fresh single by (BR)OTHERS

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This is a debut single of the newly formed duo (BR)OTHERS, featuring Michael Bland and Sonny Thompson, is a celebration of their musical journey and seamless blend of the old and the new.

The single's release through Hygh Tension Records promises a new chapter for this Minneapolis duo, whose brotherly bond and shared extraterrestrial persona have inspired the project's name and aesthetic. The single showcases their ability to create music that feels both timeless and contemporary.

"(Br)other" is a seamless blend of classic funk sound, blues, rock soul and RnB, striking a balance between nostalgia and modern catchy groove. It's a song that not only highlights the strong bond between the two artists, but also extends an invitation to listeners to join in their musical cosmic voyage.

I'd like to believe that the duo's future is as bright as the stars they in their cartoon music video. For fans of funk, soul and Prince's legacy, this single is an essential addition to your playlist.


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Review by Thexele


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