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'NOTHING TO LOSE' by Moon and Aries

Contemporary | Soul | RnB

This new single is more than just a catchy title, it's also the motto of Moon and Aries, who have been pursuing their musical passion with courage and creativity.

Moon and Aries "Nothing to Lose" single
Cover Art by Carainaae

Hey, everyone! I am super excited to share with you the latest single from Moon and Aries, a duo that blends smooth jazz, funk soul and retro RnB with a touch of saxophone magic. The song it's the third collaboration with saxophonist Joko Magic (Hanna M.), who adds some extra flair to the track.

The song is about living in the moment and pursuing your dreams, which is something that the duo has been doing since they began their musical career. They say that "NOTHING TO LOSE" is their motto, and that they always try to follow their heart and express their vision. The song is catchy, upbeat and motivational, and it will make you feel good and have fun. Listen to it now at 'Fresh R&B' playlist on Spotify and on other platforms!

Happy listening!

Review by Thexele


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