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'Darkness Bliss' single by Edie Yvonne

Fresh Music | Soft Rock | Pop Rock

This song will resonate with listeners who have experienced breaking up with trier best friend

If you're looking for a song that will make you feel both sad and empowered, check out 'Darkness Bliss' by Edie Yvonne, the 14-year-old singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, and was produced by Nicky Swedin and Cormac Liotta for Rrose. This song also explores the theme of friendship like the young artist's other works such as for example the retro pop song 'Queen Bee'.

In 'Darkness Bliss', Edie sings about a friend who turned her back on her and left her alone.

The song was written on the eve of Halloween and has a a certain atmosphere. The song begins with these lines:

"Charming prince

I caught a glimpse

In her eyes

Just last night"

Edie Yvonne manages to create a vivid, sad, and poetic song with sincere vocal performance of a broken heart that will resonate with many listeners!

Happy listening!

Review by Thexele Blog


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