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Chill-Out single 'Either Or' by VAAMP

Fresh music | ChillOut | Instrumental

"Either Or" is a composition that can soothe your soul and calm your mind

One of the most refreshing and original music projects to emerge from Nashville, TN is VAAMP artist that creates Chill-Out music with a blend of organic and electronic elements. VAAMP's latest composition, "Either Or", is a perfect example of his musical vision.

The single starts with a gentle synth melody that sets the mood for a relaxing and introspective journey. The melody is then joined by a subtle drum beat that adds some groove and texture to the track. This instrumental track evolves with layers of synths, guitar, and experimental sounds that create a rich and pleasant sonic landscape. VAAMP's inspiration comes from nature and the present moment, and he wants to share that with his audience.

Happy listening and great day!

Review by Thexele Blog


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