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'Stay Away' single by Jaibee

Fresh Music | R&B | Neo-Soul

A promising debut R&B single with the charm of 90s


“Stay Away” is a promising debut single from New York–based artist Jaibee. Her song about the obstacles that come along the way of true rising love. The dreamy intro transitions into a deep neo-soul groove with enchanting 90s vocals from Jaibee. At the same time, the song carries a positive, relaxing vibe and leaves a pleasant nostalgic impression.

JB's work has been influenced by such performers as Nina Simone, Joni Mitchell and Estero. The singer believes it is important to talk about what it means to be a black woman in America. She has stage experience already and has even acted in films and TV series, which is undoubtedly a big plus when it comes to the rise of a new R&B star!

Happy listening!

Review by Thexele Blog


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