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'Royal Space Dog' by Andreas Grannes

Fresh Music | Indie | Soft Rock

If you are looking for a new soft rock single to add to your playlist, you might like "Royal Space Dog" by Andreas Grannes

Andreas Grannes is Norwegian independent artist and songwriter who has a knack for creating music that blends dream pop, singer-songwriter and indie folk elements, resulting in a unique and refreshing sound. His latest single, "Royal Space Dog," is a collaboration with the French producer and artist Diana Hutch, who adds her own flair and expertise to the mix.

The song features dreamy guitars, enchanting synths, and Grannes' smooth and distinctive vocals, creating a sonic landscape that invites you to explore the wonders of the cosmos. "Royal Space Dog" is a showcase of Grannes' creativity and versatility, as well as his ability to work with other talented artists across the globe. If you are a fan of Indie and pop rock with a touch of mystery, you will love this song.

Happy listening!

Review by Thexele Blog


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