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'Oh, There You Are' single by John Taglieri

Fresh Music | Pop | Pop Rock.

Oh, There You Are

'Oh, There You Are' by John Taglieri, co-written with Munk Duane, is a pop/rock anthem that resonates with a sense of discovery and resilience. The production, handled by Duane at Bad Stella Studios, is top-notch, featuring a rich tapestry of big drums, strings, and gang vocals that create a powerful and immersive soundscape. 

The song's darker, more introspective mood contrasts with brighter sound, reflecting the artist's desire to explore new creative avenues and challenge listener expectations. The collaborative spirit between Taglieri and Duane shines through, with both artists contributing vocals and Duane taking on most of the instrumentation, resulting in a cohesive and dynamic composition.

Mastered by the renowned Grammy winner Brian Lucey, 'Oh, There You Are' is not just another addition to Taglieri's impressive discography — it's a statement of growth and a testament to his ability to reinvent himself while staying true to his roots. We are sure, that this single will captivate any pop music listener and cement Taglieri's place in the indie music scene. Add to your playlist now or listen to ours!

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