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This new single from BTAV will make you dance merrily

Hey! The New Year 2022 has already arrived, and with it new awesome music is waiting to win your hearts. I am ready to delight you with my musical discoveries and new names. Lately I've been getting more and more into active Pop, EDM and House music. You may have noticed this if you are a listener of my curated Spotify playlist.

Today I want to present you a fresh single from BTAV. This is music from which your mood will inevitably change from minus to plus, and if you are already in the plus, then this single will be able to lift you off the couch and move to the beat in time with the music (tested, and not only on myself). A truly incendiary track, made in a combination of House and commercial Pop styles. I am a fan of this vibe: pumping, light and very positive.

This artist put a lot of effort and his time into it, in other words, he put his soul into it to get exactly the mega sound that he expected.

«I mix my music but recently made the choice to have my song mastered by a professional whose worked with 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, and David Guetta to name a few. I'm finally ready to present my new art to the world...»

BTAV is a Music Producer born in Baltimore, but raised in Forest Hill, Maryland. He has been creating music for quite a long time and only recently he reset to zero, having found his passion in house music, and came out under a new stage pseudonym. This guy wants to bring light to the world through the house music, which he says is catchy, memorable, and most of all, fun.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



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