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'Christmas Without You' single by Kiesza

Fresh Music | Dance | Pop


Canadian artist Kiesza, known worldwide for her hit "Hideaway" (over a billion streams since 2014), has released a new single titled "Christmas Without You."

The song is heartfelt dance pop that expresses longing for spending the holidays away from a loved one. Guitar and piano create a melancholic atmosphere, while Kiesza's powerful vocals and emotional lyrics convey the depth of her feelings, and powerful choruses create a fiery Christmassy groove.

Although the song is a departure from her previous dance-pop hits, such as "Hideaway" and "Giant in My Heart," it showcases her versatility and talent as an artist. "Christmas Without You" is a touching and relatable song that will resonate with everyone. The song is a perfect addition to any Christmas playlist, as it expresses the universal sentiment of missing someone during the festive season. Listen and watch video by Kiesza now!

Happy listening!

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