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'GIRL CODE' single by Edie Yvonne

Fresh Music | Pop | Pop Rock

A catchy pop song with amazing vocals and great production to make your day

Hello, guys! I highly recommend you add the new pop single 'GIRL CODE' from Edie Yvonne to your collection. The song showcases her commercial sound, vocal's agility, and emotional lyrics. She sings about the struggles of growing up and navigating the complex world of teenage relationships.

The song is a result of a fruitful collaboration with producer Rio Root and co-writer Maddy Simmen, who helped her craft a catchy and captivating tune that blends pop and rock music elements. 'GIRL CODE' is a mature and honest reflection of Edie Yvonne's personal experiences, and a testament to her talent and a high potential as an big artist. Do not miss!

Happy listening!

Review by Thexele


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