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'Dead or Alive' by JAMES & PAUL

Fresh music | Pop Rock | Male artist

An upbeat composition from the James&Paul duo with their latest INDIE single "Dead or Alive"

Hi, everyone! I would like to recommend that you listen to the latest release of the song “Dead or Alive” by father and son duo James&Paul. If you are fans of such artists as Muse, Simon & Farfunkel, Blink 182, we think you'll like their music too. This pop rock song is both upbeat and catchy, with a classic sound of high quality.

The single features James' sweet harmonies and Paul's expressive guitar work. This release also stands out from the crowd with its cool gothic digital cover art. This is music that will inevitably change your mood from negative to positive and will also rock you.

Happy listening!

Review by Thexele


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Oct 11, 2023



Yury Trofimenko
Yury Trofimenko
Oct 11, 2023

Happy, that you came back, Thexele 🌹

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