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Nice music | Pop Opera | Duo

Immersion into the world of snow fantasies through the music...

Hello, everyone! Today I want to present you a wonderful song 'Cold' in the spirit of Synth Pop Opera from the group 'Moon and Aries'.

Electronic music and filigree keyboards from German music producer Tom Aries, truly philosophical lyrics, and the gentle sensual voice of Canadian singer Jordana Moon, as well as the artists' shared views on creativity and life merged into their creative duo in March 2021.

By luck, this single made it to my Spotify playlist, and I knew right away that this was the kind of music I wanted to listen over again. A very subtle and at the same time beautiful and soothing piece of music.

This song and the voice of Jordana Moon miraculously transfer your consciousness to another world. This composition, in line with the overall direction of the duo, traces the spirit and motives of the 80s, as well as the idea of ​​rising human consciousness. The single 'Cold' was released at the end of November 2021 and was later expanded to include an ice performance music video that delivers a double aesthetic viewing pleasure.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



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