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Forget Our Love (Dance) - Official Release date 23/11/23

Thexele, the rising star of alternative pop, is ready to make you dance with her new single 'Forget Our Love (Dance)', a revamped version of her previous release 'Forget Our Love'. The new single will be available on November 23, 2023 on all major digital platforms.

​Originally intended as a remix, this recording turned out to be substantially different from the first edition of 'Forget Our Love' Indie single from 2021. With a completely new arrangement, the melody of the main vocal part, the performance of the song, as well as the lyrics of the song have changed in such a way that this single is a club dance track and a continuation of the first single, both emotionally and semantically.

“Forget Our Love (Dance)” is not just a remix, but a completely new version that takes the original melody and meaning of the song to the next level. For me, this track is a transformation, a symbol of faith in love, in oneself and freedom of choice.” - Thexele

The track blends Dance Pop, Progressive House, EDM elements to create a catchy and energetic club anthem that explores the themes of love, self-confidence and freedom. 

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