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Cinematic | Pop | Male artist

This surrealistic composition from Nasmore will not leave you indifferent. It will immerse you in a magical world of dreams about love, which is not destined to be...

Good day! For me, musical art is not just a set of notes with words, but self-expression, rethinking of the course of life and its various aspects. The highest artistic skill is when an author puts meaning and metaphorical images into his work. This release, which went live on May 6, belongs to such musical works. Delightful in its perfection it penetrates the very heart and catches the listener, slowly taking him deeper. A beautifully dramatic love theme and a vocal performance by an Eastern-European guest singer Miuccia’s, combined with sophisticated sensory music from Canadian producer Nasmore, as well as guitar riffs from the legendary Neil Taylor, were the perfect combination.

'Safe in my dreams' is sad and beautiful, I really like this mood and this cinematic soundtrack. The release is clearly dominated by romanticism, tragedy, and nostalgia. This song is filled with an aura of mystery, exploring the theme of loneliness after death, and conveys the pain of losing loved ones. It deliberately chooses a path away from reality to a dreamlike state, as if love were as vivid and prosperous as it once was.

I highly recommend to take a look inside yourself and plunge into a kind of trance romantic state through this song.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



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