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'Last Halloween' single by Maddy Storm

Fresh music | Trap | Electronic Pop

Maddy Storm is back with a new single, "Last Halloween",

which she describes as a "cathartic anthem" about the struggles that predicted the end of her long-term relationship.

"Last Halloween" is based on a true story: Maddy Storm predicted the end of her 8 year relationship on Halloween night, and wrote the song as a way of processing her feelings. The song is a catchy and emotional tune that showcases Maddy's talent and vulnerability as an artist and songwriter.

Artist says: "It's about feeling lost in your 20s, it’s about mental health (and my lack thereof), and being scared of being a burden to those you love and not knowing how to fix it; it’s 3am notes from a people pleaser."

Moreover, the self-produced and self-mixed single it is a blend of hyper-pop, trap, and electronic pop. If you are looking for a song that resonates with your struggles and hopes, check out "Last Halloween" by Maddy Storm.

⋆。°✩🎃✩°。⋆Happy listening! ⋆。°✩🎃✩°

Review by Thexele


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