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Nice music | Afro POP | Male artist

From the first seconds of listening, you get immersed in a calmly pumping atmosphere

Hi, friend! Today I have the super catchy Afropop track "Mistakes" from BrandosLife for you.

BrandosLife perfomance

This music with iconic kalimbas and style has a very strong R&B background. The record was released on May 6, 2022. The 21-year-old singer-songwriter-producer from North-West London works in genres from pop and R&B to punk, so his music will leave you in awe and never get bored at any time and in any mood. Brando draws inspiration from the 90s and connects people to art through the stories he strives to tell. This release was created in the style of Beyoncé's album "Lion King: The Gift" celebrating the music of Africa.

The song "Mistakes" deals with themes of manipulation, grief, and pettiness.

“I was manipulated, gassed and led on to me, something like that I felt. "Mistakes" is about taking your power back when you put someone you thought was special on a pedestal but they just do nothing but constantly disappoint. I mean they say falling in love is nothing more than a lack of information...”

Despite the topic, I feel this release is calmly pumping, deep and warming. The voice of the performer, his agility and flexibility are impressive. You want to listen to such a recording in order to find new smallest details in Brando's voice and recreate this relaxed atmosphere again. Listen for yourself!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!



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