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'Relapse' pop single by Valentin Henning

Fresh Music | Pop | Dance

Hi, guys! If you're looking for a catchy pop song to add to your playlist, you might like "Relapse" by Valentin Henning.

He's a singer and pop music artist from Hamburg who has a knack for creating upbeat tunes with a twist. "Relapse" is his latest single, and it's perfect for any dance or sports occasion. The song has a modern and quality sound with synth and vocal chops that remind me of The Chainsmokers or Calvin Harris. But don't let the catchy melody fool you, the song has a deep meaning behind it.

"Relapse" is about the struggle of breaking free from things that might hold you back, like substance abuse or toxic relationships. It's about celebrating life and freedom, but also acknowledging the uncertainty of staying strong. I think it's a relatable and inspiring message that many people can connect with.

Perhaps this is the song you will vote for this year at Eurovision Song Contest 2024, where it was submitted. So no need for further words, just listen to “Relapse” by Valentin Henning right away!

Happy listening!

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