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'Destiny Road (Remix)' by Gary Dranow

Fresh Music | Rock | Alternative

Stunning guitar riffs with the full sound of a professional band will not leave you indifferent

Hello, friends! Today I want to tell you about the remastered version of "Destiny Road (Remix)" by Gary Dranow (a musical band). The song is title track of their album "Destiny Road", which was remastered by Klim Apalkov (sound engineer and vocalist).

Gary Dranow Band

If you are looking for a classic 90s and at the same time fresh rock sound, then I think that you will definitely like this release. Guitar riffs and great solos combined with quality drum fills are one of the main features of the Gary Dranow.

The band is a diverse group of musicians from Utah, USA, Melbourne, Australia, and Ukraine, influenced by among the group from Jimi Hendrix to the Doors, Pearl Jam to Oasis, and Chris Cornell to Bono. They experiment with many musical genres from straight up blues, blues rock, alternate rock, and hard rock. Expect to hear more than thirty new songs starting weekly in January 2024!

Happy listening!

Review by Thexele


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